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Aircraft Cleaner Chemical Skylight 25LT

Product Code: TBSKYLIGHT25

$244.00 (inc GST)

Amazing Aircraft Cleaning Available Immediately! Skylight is an alkaline cleaner concentrate for aircraft exteriors which contains non-ionic surfactants and corrosion inhibitors.

Application Advice:
Skylight should be diluted prior to use. It works extremely well in the range of:
1 part Skylight to 5 parts water up to 1 part Skylight to 15 parts water.
These dilution ratios can be adjusted according to cleaning requirements and user preference.

Apply the Skylight solution and allow it to sit on the surface for several minutes. If necessary, scrub
with a suitable brush and then rinse with a large volume of water.
The material leaves no residues or stains when allowed to dry on the surface.

Product Properties:
Skylight effectively removes dirt, grease, oily films, light carbon and stains from aircraft surfaces.
Skylight was tested for material compatibility according to AMS1526B, Boeing D6-7487 Revision N
and Douglas Aircraft Company Customer Service Document CSD#1.
The product was approved in these tests criteria:
Sandwich Corrosion
Total Immersion Corrosion
Low-embrittling Cadmium Plate
Hydrogen Embrittlement,
Effect on Acrylic Plastic
Painted and unpainted surfaces

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Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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