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Bridgepoint Maxim SOS Carpet Protector
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Bridgepoint Maxim SOS Carpet Protector

Product Code: CRW1661-3349

$77.79 (inc GST)

Maxim S.O.S. Carpet and Rug Protector is specially designed to protect nylon or wool rugs and carpets without the use of smelly solvents, fluorochemicals or resoiling silicones. It contains a highly concentrated, anti-staining polymer that coats fibers and prevents staining agents like red wine, grape juice and Kool-Aid from permanently bonding to the carpet fiber.

Two additional ingredients, an anti-resoiling, anti-wicking polymer and an odor-neutralizing agent, ensure complete customer satisfaction. The anti-resoiling polymer makes the fibers less sticky, causing soil that would normally attach to carpet fiber, to slide off instead so that it is then easily removed through vacuuming. A feature unique to Maxim S.O.S. Carpet and Rug Protector is the odor-neutralizing agent that helps eliminate unpleasant odors associated with wet carpet. This neu¬tralizing agent is paired with a light citrus scent that creates the best smelling protector available. From first smell to long-term protection against stains, Maxim S.O.S. Carpet and Rug Protector is the answer for technicians looking for a protector that is silicon, fluorochemical and solvent free.

Professional USE only


1. Dilution: Dilute by mixing 1 part concentrate protector with 4 parts water. Product covers 1,200 to 2,400 sq. ft. per concentrated gallon container. 2. Coverage: 240 to 480 sq. ft. per diluted gallon for damp or dry carpet. Coverage depends on carpet pile density; i.e. heavy pile residential requires 1 gallon per 240 sq. ft., low pile commercial requires 1 gallon per 480 sq. ft.

3. Pre-test: Test white rugs or carpet in an inconspicuous place to see if the fiber dulls or yellows to any degree before proceeding. Dilute further with water if there is a possibility of an amber tint. If amber tint is present after carpet dries it can be removed with a clear water rinse.

RTU pH: 5.5

Weight: 4