Numatic Nupower Scrubber NPR1515 DISCONT

Numatic Nupower Scrubber NPR1515 DISCONT

" /> $2390.96

$2390.96 (inc GST)

Product Code: INTHFM1015

Weight: 30

Numatic NPR1515 Rotary Scrubber / 40cm Floor Polisher 150RMP

With its enhanced power and performance the NPR-1515 provides a genuine 'workhorse' that will take almost anything in its stride.

The full 1500 Watt motor unit packs almost 50% more power than normally required and this power is transmitted to the floor through our long established 150rpm, oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox.

The big advantage of excess power is to provide scope for many additional tasks where the excess power is both advantageous and needed.

Crystallization, floor sanding, scarifying, adding 10 kg or 20 kg of extra weight, all of these can be accommodated with this standard machine.

All NuPower models also incorporate our exclusive ATC (Automatic Torque Control system) that monitors operational load and boosts torque as required to provide consistent performance and varying load conditions. With a full range of brushes, pad drives and accessories, you have in the NPR-1515 a machine you can trust, day in day out, year after year.

You might not have heard about the Numatic Polisher before but Tensens Cleaning Supplies have put their name behind it as opposed to other leading brands. Why? Because the Importer will support us in supporting you in if you have any problems; which you hopefully wont, but its piece of mind for a large investment which your business relys on. Thats why we choose to stock them! Made in the UK, which = QUALITY

Technical Specs
Model: NPR1515
Power: 1500W
Capacity: 400mm pad, 450mm brush
Airflow: N/A
Cleaning Range: 32m
Dimensions: 1185x580x450mm
Weight: 30kg

Standard Accessories included: Pad drive and solution tank

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