Numatic Ruc Sac Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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$438.90 (inc GST)

Product Code: INTRSV130

Weight: 10

Commercial Back Pack Vacuum Shipped Australia Wide & 2 Year Warranty. Numatic RUC SAC RSV130 Backpack is available in Blue Color Cannister Only. This versatile Numatic RSV (Ruc Sac Vac) Commercial Backpack has an 1100w motor, 6L capacity, large filter system and 2-stage Microflo disposable dust bags. Ergonomically Backpack designed, comfortable harness system allows the operator good mobility into those awkward to reach locations. Standard Kit-A30A. This handy little vac. allows you access and speedy cleaning of congested environments.

2 YEAR COMMERCIAL WARRANTY on RSV130 Backpack (no other backpack on the market offers this!)

Technical Specs for Numatic RSV130 Backpack
Model: RSV130
Power: 1100W
Capacity: 6L dry
Airflow: 40L/s
Cleaning Range: 31.4m
Dimensions: 440x360x250mm
Weight: 4.8kg
Filter Bags: 604015 (packet of 10)

Standard Accessories:
Stainless steel wands (2 x 601008B, 1 x 601027)
Multipurpose floor tool (601139)
Dusting brush (601144)

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Why would I buy this Back Pack Vacuum over other Back Packs on the commercial backpack?

2 Year Warranty and the feedback we get from our customers is very positive. We don't like to see vacuums come back to our workshop and this Backpack Model has stayed Clear! Features a sturdy Harness & Stainless Steel Tubing

Do I have to use Paper Bags?

No you don't have to use bags, but keep in mind that paper bags will extend the life of the motor and make cleaning a lot easier. Considering you are vacuuming mostly dirt/dust/dead skin particles, who wants to shake that into the air? YUK! The bags are very economical as they have a large capacity and also offer hospital grade filtration - INTNVM1C (10) - See below "Henry Bags"

Need a Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner?  The Nilfisk GD 5 Battery back mounted vacuum cleaner requires no electrical connections to main power supplies, thus offering greater freedom to clean in hard-to-access areas and places that are difficult to reach with conventional vacuums.

What are my other Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Options?

Nilfisk GD5 Backpack Vacuum | Nilfisk UZ964 Hip Vac Backpack | Numatic RSV130 Backpack | Nilfisk BV1100 Backpack

Spare Parts Diagram Click Here

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