Numatic TTB1840 Battery Powered Scrubber

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$4618.90 (inc GST)

Product Code: INTTTB1840

Weight: 66.5

Online Demo Video Available Here - Numatic Twintec Battery Scrubber TTB1840 Great Value & Shipped Australia Wide featuring 400mm Brush, 18L Capacity, 150rpm Complete with Brush, Charger and Battery

Wherever theres a need for a simple, user friendly, one-pass cleaning machine theTTB1840 will be sure to match, or exceed, your expectations....

Features of Battery Scrubber

* 24V Battery Cable Free
* Maneuverable
* Maximum Performance
* Under 55kg
* 1 Year Commercial Warranty
* Holds 18Litre Water
* Made in United Kingdom

The TwinTec 1840 battery floorcare machine has been engineered to substantially reduce size whilst, at the same time, maximise the performance and handling. With the total freedom of 24V battery, cable free,
operation, this machine will get into areas and places that other machines simply will not go. In many respects, the 1840 allows hard floor maintenance in areas previously cleaned by mopping systems, but some 30% faster
and to an improved standard. With its low noise level and unobtrusive appearance this machine will find itself fully at home in many, if not all, commercial environments be it hospitals, clinics, restaurants, cafeterias, offices, bank and hotel lobbies, etc.

Wherever theres a need for a simple, user friendly, one-pass cleaning machine the TTB1840 will be sure to match, or exceed, your expectations.

Built from the ground up, or should we say floor up, the complete 1840 concept is new, developed however using
much of our time-tested components and technology to ensure performance and reliability go hand in hand.
Fitted as standard with our suitcase style 18 amp sealed gel battery pack. A second standby unit allows extended performance, up to 1.5 hours - one battery being used and the other on charge. A separate charger is supplied as standard.

Technical Specifications

Size: 850mm x 1132mm x 520mm

Weight: 52kg Empty Machine with Battery Pack

Brush Motor: 400W

Run Time per Battery Pack: 45 mins

Capacity: 18L

Scrub Width: 400mm

Area Performance: 1050m sq (per Battery Pack

Speed: 450RPM

Warranty: 1 Year

Recharge Time: 6Hrs

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If you have a large house, this is the ideal cleaning tool as well!

For a online demo, check out this Youtube Clip:

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