Numatic TTB3450-100C Battery Cylindrical

Numatic TTB3450-100C Battery Cylindrical

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$9042.15 (inc GST)

Product Code: INTTTB3450-100CRS

Weight: 150

Numatic Scrubber TTB3450CRS - the popular 3450 model with its 30L capacity and 45cm (18") scrubbing width is now available as a cylinder version in easy to use battery model. With the cylinder version you can walk in forwards and walk out backwards without the need for turning and without the loss of operating performance. With good capacity and a 2.25 hour running time for the battery model, the 3450 cylinder is ideal for retail and other environments suffering from restricted movement space.

Like all of the Numatic ranges, this machine feature a stainless steel chassis, rotation moulded tank, true gel cell batteries and a built in battery charger. This has been the back bone of the Numatic scrubber for more than 15 years. Other manufactures class these items as features but Numatic threat them as standard items

Technical Specifications:

Brush Motor Power :24V 400 W

Vacuum Motor Power :24V 400 W

Power :2x12V(24V) 100Ahr

Run Time :2.25 Hrs

Scrub Width :450 mm

Speed :120 rpm

Capacity :30 L

Cleaning Range : 42 m

Weight : 122 kg

Size :1280x1150x580mm


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