Nilfisk SC401B 43cm Floor Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk SC401B 43cm Floor Scrubber Dryer

" /> $8794.50

$8794.50 (inc GST)

Product Code: NFSC401B

Cleaning Efficiency in a Small Scrubber
With dependable cleaning performance and an easy-to-use design, the SC401 walk-behind automatic scrubber is a cost-effective alternative to labor-intensive mop and bucket cleaning and high-priced, large automatic scrubbers.

Benefits of SC401 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers
The compact SC401 will increase your cleaning efficiency in small spaces like gas stations and schools. With its center-pivot squeegee system, optimal blade pressure and superior pick-up performance in forward and reverse, just one pass leaves floors clean, dry and ready for use.


· Provides the cleaning capacity and flexibility of a large scrubber/dryer built into a smaller machine

· Practical and adjustable handle with LED display shows battery levels, water levels and has all working functions integrated

· Electronic water flow control, safety switch and easy to use lever system

· Redesigned squeegee with comfortable foot pedal lifting system

· Offset brush deck with side wheel allows cleaning close to walls and furniture without causing damage

· Ideal for cleaning offices, shops, hotels, schools and workshops

· One year commercial warranty

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