Carpet Cleaning Machine 1200Psi Tiles

Carpet Cleaning Machine 1200Psi Tiles

" /> $6299.00

$6299.00 (inc GST)

Product Code: PROVERSA1200

Weight: 65

[CURRENTLY IN STOCK AUGUST 2021 - SALE PRICE $5726.36+GST} - BUY TODAY & SAVE! ]PROVEN RELIABILITY - Highest quality components plus the latest vacuum motor technology that outperforms competitors and requires up to 30% less power


VERSATILE CLEANING with a range of models, including the 1200MS for cleaning hard surfaces

QUICK MAINTENANCE Clamshell design provides ready access to components


HIGH PRODUCTIVITY DESIGN with 12-gal. solution tank and 10-gal. recovery tank

* Vacuum motor: 6.6 Ametek producing 659 peak air watts
* Capacity: Solution tank 37.9 L - Recovery tank: 37.9 L
* Dry weight: 50 kg
* Amps: Circuit 1: 10A
* Amps: Circuit 2: 10A
* Construction: Rotomolded polyethene housing and handle; 25cm semi-pneumatic wheels.
* Closed water lift: 348 cm
* Power cord: Two 30.5 cm cords and two 7.6 m ext. cords
* Drain valve: Gate type
* Float shut-off: Ball type
* Safety: ETL listed to UL and CSA standards
* Dimensions (W × H × D): 50.2 × 100.3 × 81.2 cm

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