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Gojo Hand Hygiene Solutions & Systems

Tensens offer complete Hand Hygiene Solutions & Systems to suit every hand washing and hand sanitising area from the world leaders in Hand Care, Gojo and Purell.

What is hand washing? According to Hand Hygiene Australia, Effective Hand Hygiene is the single most important strategy in preventing health care associated infections. Hand Hygiene is a general term applying to the use of soap/solution (non-antimicrobial or antimicrobial) and water, or a waterless antimicrobial agent to the surface of the hands.

What are my Soap Dispenser / Refill Options?

Gojo Automatic Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Gojo TFX Foam Handwash Refill
  Gojo TFX Anti-Bacterial Foam Refill
  Gojo TFX Foam Handwash Green Refill
Gojo Counter Mounted Soap Dispenser Automatic Luxury Foam Refill Cxi
  Automatic Luxury Foam Refill Cxi Green
Gojo Push Foam Soap Dispenser FMX White Hand Wash Foam Soap Gojo FMX
  AntiBacterial Foam Soap Gojo FMX 
  Body Wash Foam Soap Gojo FMX 
  Hand Wash Foam Soap Gojo FMX Green 
Gojo Soap Dispenser NXT 1000ml Gojo Hand Soap NXT Old System 
  Gojo Body and Hair Wash Soap NXT Old
  Gojo Micrell Soap NXT Old System
Purell Automatic Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Purell Hand Sanitiser TFX Refill 
  Purell Hand Sanitiser TFX Refill Healthcare
Bulk Fill - Refillable Dispenser 5L Hand Cleane & 25L Hand Cleaner
Gojo Professional Skin Conditioner Gojo Hand Medic Refill Bag-in-Box


Did you know?

Data have been collected nationally from a total of 629 hospitals from both the public and private sectors. The average compliance rate was 73.8%1 . Let's work together in improving this.

Do you need 8 or more dispensers?

We can arrange free dispensers for your workplace based on a free on loan agreement - please contact us. * Conditions Apply

We supply your complete washroom system, including Hand Towel Dispensers, Toilet Paper Dispensers and Hand Sanitiser Dispensers.

1 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2011. Australian hospital statistics 2009-10.

Health services series no. 40. Cat. no. HSE 107. Canberra: AIHW.