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True Blue Cleankill Cleaner Sanitiser 5L
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True Blue Cleankill Cleaner Sanitiser 5L





True Blue CLEANKILL is a concentrated high foaming, grease releasing sanitiser. CLEANKILL is a blend of grease cutting and emulsifying agents boosted with a super-chlorinated bleaching and germ killer. CLEANKILL provides a dense cleaning and sanitising foam, which penetrates and emulsifies the heavy build ups of grease, fats and oil on all types of surfaces found in food processing areas such as kitchens and abattoirs, and in bathrooms.

** Note: 6 month Shelf Life

How to Use

Remove or cover all foodarticles in the area. Remove excess soil from surfaces to be cleaned by hand. Use hot water to pre-rinse the surface.

Manual Use

Dilute with hot water at 1 part CLEANKILLto 40 parts water.

High Pressure Sprayers

Through high pressure spray washers at a dilution of 1:80 to1:160 at the nozzle.


When soaking equipment parts, utensils and filters, dilute 1 part CLEANKILL to 20-30 parts hot water. Apply liberally to all surfaces tobe washed. Allow CLEANKILL to penetrate soil. Scrub if required. Rinse all surfaces and parts thoroughly with potable water.

Why not use a Pelican Pump to decant into smaller bottles? The Pelican Pump measures 30mls, which makes it easier and more controlled.

Weight: 6.2

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