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True Blue Mountain Blue Air Freshener 5L
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True Blue Mountain Blue Air Freshener 5L

Product Code: TBMOUNTBLUE5

$40.59 (inc GST)

MOUNTAIN BLUE is a sophisticated air freshener with the appealing combination of grapefruit, jasmine and sandalwood scents, to freshen and deodorise any environment.

MOUNTAIN BLUEair freshener leaves a distinctive fresh aroma with a long lasting pleasant fragrance.

How to Use

For maximum impact use MOUNTAIN BLUE undiluted through an atomiser.

Directspray upward toward centre of the room.

Two or three jets of spray is all that will be required to leave a clean fresh fragrance that lingers for hours

Appearance: Blue Liquid

Odour: Grapefruit and Sandalwood

Can also dilute 1:10 for effective deoderising

Weight: 5.2