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Research Halo Fast Dry Window Cleaner 5L
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Research Halo Fast Dry Window Cleaner 5L

Product Code: (WHHALO5 / WHHALO750 / WHHALO15)




Most Popular Window Cleaner on the Market! Smear free, glass and shiny surface cleaner, great deodorising fragrance.

Cleaning windows, shiny painted, laminated and chrome surfaces. HALO (FAST DRY) is streaks and smear free, has no strong ammonia or sour chemical smells. It cuts through grease, nicotine and food based spills in a flash.

No Residue

Surfaces cleaned with HALO (FAST DRY) stay cleaner longer and reduce static cling because there is no residue to attract it dirt and dust. You will get crystal clear HALO results every time.

Safe on Tinted Glass

Because HALO (FAST DRY) is ammonia free its perfectly safe on tinted glass or film, even in the car. Its ideal for sensitive equipment like computers, X Rays, Navigation and TV & Stereo plastics. Fine optical and medical equipment can safely be cleaned with HALO (FAST DRY).

Halo (FAST DRY) is Ideal for General Cleaning

* Tabletops and benches
* Mirrors and glass Refrigerators
* Desks and chairs
* Fixtures and fittings Automotive
* Chrome and stainless steel
* Aluminium window frames

HALO FAST DRY Directions: Spray lightly over the surface to be cleaned in sweeping strokes. Agitate with a terry towelling cloth or paper towel until the product disappears. Turn the cloth to an unused section (or use a fresh one) for a final wipe. A circular motion removes the most dirt and grime.

Weight: 5.2

Product Information Sheet (PDF)