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Window Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

What basic equipment do I need to clean windows? We suggest a Window Washer with Cover (T-Bar),Window Squeegee, Window Buckets, Neutral Window Detergent (like Dishwashing Liquid or specialised window solution) and a Cloth (preferably microfibre). If you are doing larger windows, then a telescopic extension pole is also recommended.  Or, for Super Value for Money and have no existing equipment, buy the Ettore Super System Window Kit as it includes a Free Training DVD.

What Window Cleaning Brands / Equipment do we sell? We sell Ettore (High End Domestic & Professional), Pulex (Domestic & Professional) and Unger (High End Domestic & Professional)

How do I clean windows?

Add detergent to Window Cleaning Bucket, Wash with T-Bar Washer, Squeegee Clean & wipe access liquid with a cloth. Training Clips will be added Soon!

Handy Tip: Keep in mind when your using your extension pole, you have your body height which reaches up, so you don't need to measure from the roof top to the floor and buy a pole for the whole length.

Handy Tip: A lot of professional window cleaners use the 2 x 0.6 mtr pole with their Window Washer to apply the detergent & clean the window. Ths prevents the liquid from running down your arm.

Handy Tip: Reduce the need for a ladder or scaffolding, don't put your life at risk when you can reach with a pole

Confused and don't know where to start? The Ettore Super System Window Kit is On Sale; Ideal for Domestic Use with Professional Quality Ettore Super System Window Kit which includes a Squeegee, Washer, Chemical & Training DVD for only $99.12

Check Out this Ettore Window Cleaning Tips Video: