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New Dust Suppression Chemical

New Dust Suppression Chemical

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March 26, 2012

Developed specifically for both above and below ground mines, True Blue's new Dust Suppression is a concentrated, biodegradable surfactant based dust suppressant that quickly and effectively permeates into the substrate of all types of clay, coal and any siliceous matter.

Dust control systems on construction and mining site are a requirement for the safety of your workers.

Special germ fighting additive helps air quality in confined areas making it ideal for underground mine sites.

Suppress' high dilution rates and superior wetting and binding properties makes it the ideal choice where dust control is important.

The highly concentrated dust suppression formula is simply added to the water tank prior to application.  

Tensens offers dust suppression solutions for many application and can design a dust suppression system with equpment to suit your mining requirements. 

Available in:  25L, 200L & 1000L Pods

Shipped Australia Wide

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