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Sand Pit Cleaning | Sand Pit Sanitising

Sand Pit Cleaning | Sand Pit Sanitising

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February 6, 2013

All Sandpits should be well maintained and kept lcean. We recommend Sandpits are covered when unattented and exposed to sunlight which will naturally sanitise the sandpit.

If the sand has been contaminated by animal or human faeces, blood or other body fluids, the sand should be removed and disposed off.  Depending on the severity of the contamination, you may need to empty the whole sandpit and replace with new sand.

It is recommended children wash their hands with soap and water after playing in the sandpit.

Recently we have had numerious enquiries regarding Sanitising Sandpits.  Wipe Out is the ideal product at a dilution of 250-1. This is a non residual dilution.

Directions to Sanitise Sandpit:
Wipe Out is sprayed through out the sand pit and sand raked around. You can finish this by spray a top layer and walking away.

Sandpit should also be sifted regularly to remove any foreign objects.