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How to Clean Marble?

How to Clean Marble?

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July 29, 2014

Not sure how to clean Marble? Here is some helpful information:

Marble is a material with an alkaline pH. This is important because if any acidic chemical falls on an untreated marble floor it will cause a chemical reaction. The result of this reaction will be a permanent discoloration of the marble.

·         Excess grout in newly laid marble or natural stone floors should only be removed with clean water only. The floor should then be left untouched for 5 to 14 days to let motor bed and grout to dry thoroughly. This will ensure that all moisture has evaporated. You may damp mop the surface daily to remove if any soil or dirt is present on the surface.

·         For a smooth and polished surface, a pH neutral cleaners like Orange Squirt (Citrus product range - -DILUTED ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS) or Unique (Research product range - DILUTED ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS) are best suited for use as cleaners. Because it is pH neutral, it will not cause any etching of the marble surface and to avoid discolouration of the marble surface and coloured grout joints.

·         Products like Zest,  Lencia (Citrus product range)  and most bathroom cleaners whose pH is acidic are not suitable for use marble, limestone, granite or other natural stone surfaces. Use of these products may lead to etching of the surface.

·         If agitation is required, always use a natural fibre brush. Avoid use of abrasive pads like green or red as they will scratch the marble surface. Also be careful not to remove grout from the surface.

·         Never attempt to remove stains or deposits by scraping, scouring, or indiscriminately applying bleaching agents. Damage such as rust stains may not appear until months later.