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Free Sanitary Bin Offer

Free Sanitary Bin Offer

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November 19, 2014

Transform your sanitary services with TerraCyclic sanitary bins. TerraCyclic sanitary disposal units enable you to control the cost and offer maximum security to your workplace

It's Simple
* A sanitary disposal unit system that's easy to use
* Change cartridge only - maximum 30 days
* Self-deodorising sanitary bags (cartridges) seal-in sanitary waste and are easily replaced
* No complicated cleaning or storage facilities are needed It's Safe
* Minimal-contact system protects users and cleaning staff
* Sealed sanitary bags with modesty flap means no one touches the waste products
* Reduced exposure to harmful bacteria with a lower risk of cross infection
* Biodegradable plastic components and deodorising chemicals are safe for the environment

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