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Persian Rugs Tool for Carpet Cleaning

Persian Rugs Tool for Carpet Cleaning

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April 21, 2015

What tool or wand to I use to clean Persian Rugs?
The CRWAW58 Hydro Kinetic Upholstery Tool suitable to use on Persian rugs?

The Hydro Kinetic CRWAW58 Kinetic Uholstery tool is safe to use on Persian rugs. The construction of a rug and the type of soils present usually indicate how it is best cleaned. For many rugs, that means cleaning in a wash pit with flowing water rather than any HWE upholstery tool or carpet wand. But the Hydro Kinetic tool is safe for Persian rugs and will give a good surface appearance.

It will not clean as deeply into the fibers and backing as a method that submerges the rug in a pit. Conversely washing in a pit has its own potential problems such as rugs being slow to dry, dyes bleeding, browning of natural fibers and so forth. There is not one answer for every rug.