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New Prochem Legend GT 2018

New Prochem Legend GT 2018

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February 19, 2018

New Prochem Legend GT 2018

This Prochem Legend GT 2018 Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Machine model builds on the Legend's solid legacy of efficiency, price and dependability. Now delivering even better performance and longer life, the 2018 model combines the latest truck mount technology with the Legend's proven track record.

The Legend's are the work horse of the carpet cleaning industry, they are over engineered and will give you faultless operations for many many years.

It has a 23HP Kohler motor compared to 20hp of its competitors. A 330cfm Blower at the Exhaust and less moving parts making the Legend GT is the most reliable machine on the market. The new Legend GT also runs a 7hr run dry hot water General Pressure Pump that has Teflon seals. Pump rebuilds are a thing of the past, the valves only need replacing every 2000 hrs and the seals every 4000hrs. All the serviceable items are on the front of the machine as well making it user friendly.

Servicing of the machine is very easy and we recommend doing the major every 500hrs or 1 year, whichever comes first. Oil changes are ever 100 hrs and oil filter is 200, the rest is done at 500hrs. We normally will see 5000-6000 hrs on these machines before they need an engine rebuild.

Features & Benefits:

* Front panel waste pumpout switch. Convenient - operate optional waste pumpout from front of machine

* Simplified control panel. Easy to operate and train employees. Front lower panel can be removed quickly for maintenance

* Stainless steel chemical pump. Durable chemical pump resists corrosion to provide long service life

* Pulse isolating hose reduces vibration caused by piston water pump

* Last step chemical injection. Cleaning chemicals are added just as the water leaves the machine, helping to protect the water pump

* New Prime Hose location. Allows the Chemical pump to prime much quicker

* New add Oil coiler. To increase the life of your Kohler Engine

* New Stainless Steel Heat Exchange. More durable Coil Heat Exchange with a higher burst pressure. New coil arrange means no more cleaning of the Heat exchange unlike the older Radiator style exchange. Also Much more consistence heat, 10-15 degrees hotter.

* New B Serials Belts. New thicker B serials belts versus A serials of the older model. Meaning even less adjustment required on the already low maintenance belts system.

* New Aluminium Frame. Less vibrations and reduce risk of corrosion.

Technical Specifications;

* Engine: Kohler Command 0.67 L gasoline engine

* Displacement Blower: Gardner Denver 4MVL positive displacement blower with flows up to 330 CFM

* Solution pump: General water pump producing up to 1200 PSI and 3.5 GPM (13.24 LPM

* Console dimensions (L x W x H): 100 x 81 x 83.8 cm

Bare Legend GT 2018 Truckmount Package Includes:

45m x High P Hose, 45m x 51mm GVac Hose, 4-Jet Stainless Steel Wand 12inch, 15m x Inlet Water Hose, Battery and Battery Box, Installation Kit and Manual

Additional Options (we will customise a package to suit you):

  • Installation

  • Floor for Van

  • External Pump Out

  • Upgrade to a Titanium Prochem Wand

  • Hose Reel 60m

  • Garden Hose Reel

  • SX-15 Tile Cleaner, SX-7 Hand Tool or Gekko Tools

  • Prochem Spotting Kit

  • Chemical Van Rack or Air Mover Rack

  • Upholstery Tool

  • Air Movers

Check out the Features;