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Spitfire Prespray Difference

Spitfire Prespray Difference

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February 3, 2019

What's the difference in Spitfire Presprays?

Basically, Spifire Advanced is designed for wool, wool blend and olefin and satin treated nylon fibre carpets and Spitfire Lavender is slightly stronger and can be used on other Fibres.

More Information;

Spitfire Advanced is a pre-spray that is suitable for use on regular and new low profile style carpets and upholstery to remove greasy, stubborn stains. Suitable for wool, wool blend and olefin and satin treated nylon fibre carpets. SPITFIRE ADVANCED rinses freely and allows more dirt and greasy soil to be removed leaving it fresh and brilliantly clean.

Spitfire Lavender is extremely effective carpet pre-spray used by professionals for domestic and contract cleaning jobs to safely clean and remove tough stains. "Fastbreak" soil remover and quickly emulsifies oily and greasy soils, suspending them from carpet fibres so they rinse free during extraction.

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