Terracyclic Sanitary Bin Refills M (10)

Terracyclic Sanitary Bin Refills M (10)

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Looking for Terracyclic Catridge Refills to fit your sanitary bins? We have them both available in 13L Medium or 23L Large Cartridge Refills (pack 10)

No other Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit offers so much - a streamlined design and a uniquely biodegradable and disposable ‘lid and inner cartridge’ system that offers a range of retrofit options to deliver a solution that is perfect for your requirements.

Terracyclic have considered the environment in every aspect of their Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit, making it the responsible green choice for both commercial and residential usage.

  • Self-deodorising and antibacterial disposal lid and inner cartridges make the system safe and customer friendly.
  • Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit uses biodegradable plastic additives with deodorising chemicals that are safe and friendly for the environment.
  • Free-standing option offers a fast and simple installation solution.
  • Wall-mounted option offers a space saving solution that looks great and is easy to install.
  • Minimal-contact system was designed to protect both customers and service providers.
  • Unique disposable lid and inner cartridge system, makes for a safer, cleaner and faster change solution.

The Terracyclic Sanitary Waste Disposal system is perfect for a wide range of businesses including hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, offices and many others.

How are the units biodegradable?
TDPA (totally degradable plastic additive) ensures the plastic undergoes oxidative degradation and breaks down into brittle fragments. This happens as a result of exposure to heat or UV light. Microbes can use them as a food source. TDPA has been validated in full scale landfill and composting trials. Even exposure to open air, sunlight and wind will mean that the plastic will degrade minimising pollution and physical harm to wildlife. TDPA is non-toxic to sensitive plants and animals.

Dispenser to suit Refills: Terracyclic Sanitary Bin

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