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Every cleaner appreciates a good pair of silver lined gloves. A good fitting pair can be used over and over again to protect you or your staff from harsh chemicals, toxic materials or just dirty things that nobody wants to touch with their bare hands.

We sell various sizes of blue coloured silverlined gloves in the classic blue colour. We ship Australia wide to busy cleaning compaines, restaurants, hotels, resorts and other busy venues too. Click here to see our full range of wholesale gloves for sale online or from our cleaning showroom on the Sunshine Coast.

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GLOVE Bastion Silverlined Blue Large

GLOVE Bastion Silverlined Blue L...

$2.00 (inc GST)
GLOVE Bastion Silverlined Blue XLarge

GLOVE Bastion Silverlined Blue X...

$2.00 (inc GST)
GLOVE Edco Silverlined Blue Small

GLOVE Edco Silverlined Blue Small

$2.64 (inc GST)

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