Cleaners / Janitors Trolleys

Depending on your venue, we can supply a wide range of janitors trolleys to make your cleaners work easier. Good janitor trolleys have space for your cleaners equipment and supplies, so that they can have what they need on hand, when they need it.

There are different sized janitors cleaning trolleys to suit most cleaners needs. Whether it is for a school, a hotel, resort or any other busy venue, simply call us if you need advice to buy the right janitors trolleys that will make your cleaners lives easier.

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Numatic Eco-Matic Trolley EM5

Numatic Eco-Matic Trolley EM5

$720.70 (inc GST)
Numatic Eco-Matic Zipped Laundry Bag

Numatic Eco-Matic Zipped Laundry...

$118.38 (inc GST)
Numatic XC1G Versaclean Cleaners Trolley

Numatic XC1G Versaclean Cleaners...

$542.75 (inc GST)
Numatic XC3G Versaclean Cleaners Trolley

Numatic XC3G Versaclean Cleaners...

$676.39 (inc GST)
Oates Cleaners / Janitors Trolley MarkII

Oates Cleaners / Janitors Trolle...

$211.09 (inc GST)
Oates Compact Flat Mop Trolley

Oates Compact Flat Mop Trolley

$283.33 (inc GST)
Oates Platinum Cleaners Trolley MK2

Oates Platinum Cleaners Trolley MK2

$744.68 (inc GST)

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