Oates Cleaners / Janitors Trolley MarkII

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$211.09 (inc GST)

Product Code: OATJC-175BL

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Weight: 16

Are you looking for a durable and reliable cleaning trolley?

Look no further than the Oates Janitors Trolley Mark II! This blue and yellow beauty has been around for years and is perfect for a hotel trolley, resort trolley, general cleaning trolley and many other applications. With a lightweight and sturdy design, the Oates Janitors Cart Mark II JC-175BL is a best seller and comes with a hinged lid that sits above a rubbish bag. Plus, it's a compact size for easy manoeuvrability into elevators and tight passageways.


  • Lightweight and Sturdy Design: The Oates Janitors Trolley Mark II is designed with a lightweight yet sturdy construction for maximum durability. 
  • Hinged Lid: This trolley has a hinged lid that sits above the rubbish bag. 
  • Compatible Accessories: The Oates Trolley is compatible with many accessories, such as the Oates Replacement Janitors Bag (JA-002-GY) and the Oates Lockable Cabinet (JA-177M)


  • Dimensions: 100 x 47 x 122 cm
  • Colour: Blue


  1. Store desired chemicals, buckets and other cleaning equipment and accessories on the trolley. 
  2. Place the rubbish bag in the trolley and close the lid. 
  3. Easily maneuver the trolley to the desired location and begin cleaning. 


Q: Can we buy this trolley assembled? 

A: Tensens keep these trolleys on our floor for display, so if you call and speak to us, and are able pick it up from our showroom, we might be able to save you the trouble of assembly. Typically, these come standard unassembled in a box.

Q: What Garbage Bag would you use to fit in the Liner? 

A: We would recommend a 120L bag as the 82L tends to be a bit small. 

Do you sell spare parts?

Yes, we sell a plethora of small parts. See:Swivel Castor Wheel, Spare Yellow Bag or Large Rubber Wheel

Q: Is there an updated model available?

A: The Oates Platinum Cleaners Trolley MK2 has just been released, find it Here

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