Commercial Window Cleaning Supplies

If you would like to buy any commercial window cleaning equipment, such as brushes, squeegees, window cleaning chemicals, buckets, or more, we can be your trusted supplier.

We also stock professional window cleaning belts and complete commercial window cleaning kits for cleaning businesses, hotels, schools, offices and other busy venues too. We have a cleaning showroom on the Sunshine Coast, or you can order online, along with all of our other commercial cleaning supplies.

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Unger Stingray Easy-Click-Pole Long 1.2m

Unger Stingray Easy-Click-Pole L...

$262.20 (inc GST)
Unger Stingray Easy-Click-Pole Sml 63cm

Unger Stingray Easy-Click-Pole S...

$285.05 (inc GST)
Unger Stingray Glass Cleaner 500ml

Unger Stingray Glass Cleaner 500ml

$16.63 (inc GST)
Unger Stingray Indoor Window Cleaner

Unger Stingray Indoor Window Cle...

$366.01 (inc GST)
Unger Stingray Kit 330S

Unger Stingray Kit 330S

$873.14 (inc GST)
Unger Stingray Professional Glass Refill

Unger Stingray Professional Glas...

$8.65 (inc GST)
Unger Stingray Tripad Microfibre Pad

Unger Stingray Tripad Microfibre...

$40.87 (inc GST)

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