Shop our huge range of paper hand towels and hand paper towel dispensers to suit all your hand hygiene needs. Interleaved Hand Towel, roll towel, centrefeed paper towel, commercial hands free paper towel dispenser and systems and more.   

Buy from our major leading brands from fancy paper hand towels to the cheapest paper hand towels on the market.  Looking for a hand towel paper price? We have a warehouse full, so pop into our showroom on the Sunshine Coast or shop online at Tensens.

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EcoSoft Premium Ultraslim Hand Towel

EcoSoft Premium Ultraslim Hand T...

$59.91 (inc GST)
Multifold Xpress Hand Towel 1ply 4830sh

Multifold Xpress Hand Towel 1ply...

$87.41 (inc GST)
Slimline Hand Towel 1ply 4000 sheets

Slimline Hand Towel 1ply 4000 sh...

$57.37 (inc GST)
Slimline Profes. Hand Towel 1ply 4000sh

Slimline Profes. Hand Towel 1ply...

$68.13 (inc GST)
Tork Xpress Multifold Towel Soft 3780sh

Tork Xpress Multifold Towel Soft...

$92.44 (inc GST)
Ultraslim Profes. Hand Towel 1ply 4000sh

Ultraslim Profes. Hand Towel 1pl...

$62.12 (inc GST)

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