Slimline Classic Hand Towel 1p Recycled

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$62.94 (inc GST)

Product Code: STES4000CL

Weight: 9

Are you looking for a premium quality hand towel that is soft, absorbent, and of supreme quality?

Look no further than Stella Premium Dispenser Napkins. 


  • Premium Quality: Stella Premium Paper are designed to provide users with softness, absorbency, and supreme quality. 


  • 1 ply
  • 200 sheets per sleeve
  • 20 sleeves per carton
  • Folded Size - 8cm x 23cm

What Dispenser does Slimline Hand Towel fit in?

Keep in mind, Slimline is 8cm x 23cm Folded, therefore needs a specific dispenser - Slimline Hand Towel Dispenser