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Tensens Mould No More 5L
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Tensens Mould No More 5L





Clean Plus MOULD NO MORE is a safer thin foamy detergent sanitiser with a characteristic chlorine odour which removes dirt, scum, mould, germs and stubborn stains. It contains a blend of surfactants to produce long lasting stable foam, with selected alkalis to hydrolyse and saponify fats.

MOULD NO MORE can be used to clean tiles and grout, concrete, stainless steel and most surfaces. It is ideal for use in food and beverage processing areas, machinery, floors, walls, bench tops, shower, toilets, tiles, bathroom floors etc... . Also great to clean cool rooms in factories where dampness and mould are a problem.

ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS * PF- Phosphate Free * Biodegradable Surfactants * NON-CORROSIVE * Safe for septic tanks when used according to dilution instructions

BENEFITS * Powerful cleaner sanitiser * Kills and remove mould * Cleans Bathrooms, leaves grouting gleaming clean * Can be used through a pressure unit or manually

DIRECTIONS FOR USE As a Disinfectant: Use undiluted. Squirt evenly over surface. Leave 2-10 minutes to kill mould and germs. Rinse clean. For Toilet Bowls: Use undiluted. Squirt around inside of bowl. Leave 5-10 minutes. Flush

As a Cleaner: Dilute 125ml in 5 Litres of water WARNING: This product is strongly ALKALINE. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Weight: 5.2