Microfibre Cloth Thick 40 x 40cm Blue 20

Microfibre Cloth Thick 40 x 40cm Blue 20

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$37.53 (inc GST)

Product Code: JTYMFG-BLUE-20

Looking for a budget microfibre cloth that offers value for money? The White Magic 40cm x 40cm is ideal for the cleaning contractor where saving is essential to the bottom line.

This Budget Microfibre Cloth Features:
* Wipe / Absorb / Dust
* Strong reinforced edging
* Ultra absorbent
* 280 GSM
* 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

Available in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and White

Why all the Color Options?
It's Colour Coding - it separates the Cleaning Areas to prevent cross contamination.

Color Coding is as Follows:
BLUE - General Areas
RED - Washrooms
GREEN - Kitchens
YELLOW - Infections
WHITE - Operating Theatres

Available individually (as priced) or in Cartons of 50