Clean+simple Dishy Auto Dish Liquid 20L

Clean+simple Dishy Auto Dish Liquid 20L

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Introducing Dishy, the ultimate alkaline dishwashing detergent meticulously crafted for industrial automatic dishwashing machines. Engineered to deliver outstanding cleaning performance, Dishy is formulated with advanced sequestrants, ensuring compatibility with all water conditions. Bid farewell to worries about excess buildup, as Dishy's specialized formula prevents scale accumulation, safeguarding the efficiency of your dishwashing equipment.

Designed for the demands of industrial kitchens, Dishy tackles even the toughest food residues and grease, leaving dishes immaculately clean and ready for service. From busy restaurants to large-scale catering facilities, Dishy guarantees pristine results with every wash cycle.

Whether you're operating in areas with hard water or soft water, Dishy remains effective, providing consistent cleaning power without compromising on performance. Trust Dishy to keep your dishes sparkling clean and your dishwashing machines operating at their best, ensuring a seamless and hygienic kitchen operation.

How to Use: To be used in a suitable detergent feeder at a concentration of 2-3mls per litre. DO NOT MIX with any other chemical. Sore in a cool area away from direct sunlight.