Clean+simple Rinsy Rinse Aid 20L

Clean+simple Rinsy Rinse Aid 20L

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Introducing Rinsy, your ultimate solution for achieving spotless and streak-free dishes, cutlery, and glassware straight out of the dishwasher. This highly active wetting agent is meticulously formulated to incorporate a low foaming, non-ionic surfactant alongside a powerful solvent and souring agent. Its primary function? To effectively eliminate residual alkalinity lingering from the wash cycle.

By targeting residual alkalinity, Rinsy goes beyond mere cleanliness, ensuring that spotting and streaks are effectively removed. Say goodbye to the frustration of watermarks and dull surfaces with Rinsy, your dishes emerge from the dishwasher not only clean but also dry and sparkling.

Whether you're running a bustling restaurant or managing a busy household, Rinsy is your dependable ally in achieving consistently impeccable results. Trust Rinsy to elevate your dishwashing experience, leaving your kitchenware gleaming and ready to impress.

How to Use: for directions, refer to the dishwash manufacturers instruction manual on how to use rinse aid in your automatic injector.