Citrus Resources Orange Squirt 5L

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Weight: 5.3

Natural Spray and Wipe Cleaner


The First Pleasant to use - Tough Job Cleaner
Its always the same way - use a strong degreasing cleaner or spray and wipe cleaner and the same thing always happens - you nearly get bowled over with the fumes. What are these fumes? They are usually glycol ether or petroleum distillate solvents or fumes from free caustic. This can never happen with ORANGE SQUIRT All Natural, Spray and Wipe Cleaner because its list of all natural ingredients are safe from harsh irritants to the skin, as well as being more biodegradable than petroleum products.

Cleaning Performance - We Dont Hide Our Ingredients

CITRUS RESOURCES have been able to break through the performance barrier whilst still utilising
naturally derived ingredients.

Greasy soils - Orange oil solvent (D-Limonene), pine and sugar alcohol softens and solubilises oily
soils; even hardened fats are lifted effectively.

General dirt, grime and vegetable matter - These are wet-out and dislodged from the surface by detergency which is assisted by your mopping or wiping action. We use the finest coconut oil and palm oil derived detergents to foam away grime and rinse shiny bright. Water softening is taken care of with citrates. These help the detergent work better and help keep the oil in suspension and rinse clean away - no phosphates, EDTAs or NTAs are used.


Heavy carbon based soils - like chicken rotisseries, stoves, etc. Use undiluted and leave soaked for at least (5) five minutes before agitation with a scouring pad.

Heavy fatty, greasy deposits and soap scum found in shower blocks, kitchens, mining camps, and engineering works.

General Spray & Wipe Cleaning - Dilute 1 part cleaner to 10 parts water (50mls to 500mls water). Apply by refillable trigger spray - it instantly dissolves ink stains and general grime on painted and unpainted vitreous surfaces without smearing, even glass. Because it contains no petroleum solvents it may be used on plastics, clear acrylic sheeting, polycarbonates without fear of cracking or hazing.

Mopping and Scrubbing - Dilute 1 part cleaner to 50 water (200ml per 10ltr) for concrete and tiled floors, unsealed vinyl in kitchens, bathrooms, engineering works, shops, etc.

Light Duty Cleaning - Dilute 1 part cleaner to 100 parts water. Maintenance automatic scrubbing of shopping malls on tile and stone, general maintenance washing and cleaning.

***Use warm or hot water to improve greasy soil removal.


This product contains no artificial colouring or perfume. It contains no preservatives that would otherwise slow its biodegradability. Please keep lid tightly closed when not in use and store drums in a cool place.

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