How to Choose the Right Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser?


When providing products and services to your customers in a commercial environment, you have to take different things into consideration. This can include meeting the demand with your supply, maintaining the quality of the product/service, and of course staying within a budget.

Here are some points that you should keep in mind while choosing the best commercial toilet paper dispenser for your venue.

  • Quality of material and installation
  • Quantity of paper required for your workplace
  • Frequency of use
  • Frequency of maintenance and restocking
  • Size and design of the bathroom
  • Cost of purchase, installation, and maintenance

Well, that was the short answer for the question this post is based on. Now we’re going to go into a bit more detail about how you might select the right commercial toilet paper dispenser.

How To Buy A Toilet Paper Dispenser?

You can browse through our website to get a better look at their variety of commercial toilet paper rolls and dispensers we provide. Any dispenser you choose should be selected according to the size of your workplace or venue. 

After finding the right one, the next thing to do is work out how many are you going to need. You might not need the same one for every bathroom.

How Many Dispensers Do You Need to Buy?

This will depend on the layout of your workplace. You, or someone who works with you, will need to count how many bathrooms are there and how many new toilet paper rolls and dispensers are needed in each one. 

As per the Australian Code of Practice, your workplace should have at least one toilet for 15 females and one per 20 males. This is just provided as a guide if you are still building your venue.

How to Install the Toilet Paper Dispensers?

Although you can install commercial toilet paper dispenser yourself, it is best to have a handyman or carpenter install them for you. Some units come with hooks or suction cups instead of screws, but the better they are installed, the longer they will last.

What If the Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser Malfunctions?

Your dispensers might malfunction or even break down if used improperly or overused. To prevent such a damage, you can go with tamper-proof models which will not break with regular use.

Each toilet paper dispenser comes with maintenance instructions and guidelines that should be followed by your maintenance manager or staff person who will refill the dispenser.

Can You Store Multiple Rolls in One Dispenser?

This depends on the size and style of the dispenser. For small businesses, a single sheet toilet paper roll dispenser might be the easiest choice. There are many other larger dispensers for more public bathrooms. Jumbo toilet roll holders are an option too.

For busier bathrooms, larger dispensers will require less frequent refilling. There is no point saving money on a smaller dispenser when you will then need to pay someone more often to refill it. Choosing a too-small dispenser can also mean your bathrooms become a mess faster.

Should I Choose A Metal Or Plastic Dispenser?

Generally, the choice is between steel and plastic dispensers and each one has their own set of pros and cons.

Plastic Dispensers


  • More Affordable
  • Minor cleaning and maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Stay scratch-free for a long time


  • Might need to replace them too often as plastic is more fragile than metal

Metal Dispensers


  • More Durable
  • Classier style and design
  • Rust Free
  • Can be used for a longer time


  • Cleaning and maintenance can be higher (smudges)
  • Higher upfront cost

Final Thoughts

We recommend choosing the larger of any choices that you are making. They will lower your ongoing maintenance time and cost which will outweigh the initial spend difference.

For more public bathrooms, the steel options are often better because they are less likely to be damaged. Also for public bathrooms, you might like to choose a dispenser that limits the possibility of a user unloading copious amounts of paper easily.

You can always contact us for advice. Our staff are happy to answer any questions that might help you choose the right toilet paper dispenser for your needs.