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Numatic Charles Wet & Dry Vacuum

Product Code: INTCVC370

$633.71 (inc GST)

Numatic Charles CVC370 Wet and Dry Vacuum. You want a vacuum cleaner that is totally without compromise, be it for wet or dry use, and that's exactly what you get. One minute (or most of the year in the majority of cases) Charles will be up to his neck in dust and dirt, keeping everything spick and span, and then suddenly the call arrives and he's expected to unblock the sink or dry the floor. Well, it's no problem with Charles, he has our full Twinflo' motor and performance to give you exactly what you need.

Big filters and Hepaflo dust bags for dry use and a safety float valve for wet pick-up.

Tubes are lightweight aluminium and will never rust. Two floor nozzles, one for wet work and a superb combination nozzle for carpets and hard floors, and even that has a stainless steel high efficiency carpet plate. Add to this three smaller tools and you are ready to tackle almost anything that comes along, be it floors or floods, corners or curtains, you are in control.

Having a Charles about the house is like having an insurance policy but without the small print.Wet or dry vac with powerful 1200W two stage motor. Comes with safety float valve for wet use & big filters and disposable dust bags for dry use. Features powder coated tubes and two fl oor nozzles one for wet work and a combination nozzle for carpets & hard floors. Ideal for situations where a wet and dry is sometimes needed for spillages, unblocking a sink or flooded areas.

Bags to suit: NVM2B (10 PER PACKET)

Technical Specs
Model: CVC370
Power: 1200W
Capacity: 15L dry, 9L wet
Airflow: 40L/s
Cleaning Range: 26.8m
Dimensions: 355x355x500mm
Weight: 7.1kg
Filter Bags: 604102 (packet of 10)
Standard Accessories:
Stainless steel wands (2 x 601008, 1 x 601027)
Multipurpose floor tool (601139)
Wet floor tool (601328)
Dusting brush (601144)
Upholstery brush (601147)
Crevice tool (601142)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whats the Warranty?

Numatic CVC470 Comes with a 2 Year Warranty - which is unbeleivable for a commercial machine! If you ask us, it's becuase they know it's a good quality machine which is made in the U.K, as opposed to cheaper brands

Do I have to use paper bags?

Paper Bags are optional, but will extend the life of the motor and make the cannister easier to clean out. The Numatic Bags For CVC370 are INTNVM2B and Come in Packs of 10. There is a Tritex Cloth Filter (Numatic 305mm Tritex Filter Code: INT604165) which needs to be in the vacuum whilst dry vacuuming - when it gets dirty, simply wash it with a bit of warm soapy water and hang it on the line!

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What are my other Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Options?

Numatic CVC370 Wet and Dry Vacuum| Numatic WV470 Wet and Dry Vacuum | Numatic WV900 Dual Motor Wet and Dry Vacuum | Numatic WVD1800DH Wet and Dry Vacuum | Numatic WVD1802 Auto Pump Wet and Dry Vacuum | George Shampooer 4-in-1 Wet and Dry Vacuum 

Weight: 8

Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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