Numatic Vacuum Bags (10) Suits Henry

" /> $32.98

$32.98 (inc GST)

Product Code: INTNVM1C

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Weight: 1

Numatic 604015 NVM1C Vacuum Bags suit the Following Numatic Models:

Henry Vacuum Cleaner
Hetty Vacuum Cleaner
Harry Vacuum Cleaner
RSV130 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner
NVH180 Vacuum Cleaner
NSP180A Vacuum Cleaner
HZQ200 Vacuum Cleaner

We have found that the average household uses around 1 packet (10bags) per Year, which is great value for money!

Numatic Henry Vacuum Bags Code also known as: "604015 HEPA-FLO Dust Bags NVM1CH Pk 10"

HepaFlo: Numatic Hepa-Flo technology brings with it new standards of performance, higher efficiency, increased capacity and greater cleanliness and convenience.


Why use paper bags in your vacuum cleaner?
Mostly your vacuum picks up dust, dead skin cells, hair, dirt and more. Do you really want to shake out a cloth filter outside?

Also, using paper bags in your vacuum will extend the life of your motor your not going to get as much fine dust going through, so in the long run, might save you money.

Can I buy bulk henry vacuum bags?
We welcome all bulk enquiries, simply click the below "REQUEST INFO" Tab and let us know the following details and we will get back to you ASAP!

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