Oates Contractor Wringer Mop Bucket Blue

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Weight: 2.8

Oates IW-005 Contractor Wringer Bucket 15Litre available in 5 Colors.

Oates IW-005 Mop Bucket Features:
* Heavy duty plastic body is lightweight and hygienic
* Non-slip foot pedal and castors provide greater manoeuvrability
* Unlabeled

Need a Wringer Mop Bucket? This Oates Mop Bucket is reliable and has spare parts available.

Available in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and White

Why all the Color Options?
It's Colour Coding - it separates the Cleaning Areas to prevent cross contamination.

Color Coding is as Follows:
BLUE - General Areas
RED - Washrooms
GREEN - Kitchens
YELLOW - Infections
WHITE - Operating Theatres

After all, who wants to have the floor in the kitchen cleaned with the same mop as the toilet floor?.... EWWHH!!!

ON SALE - Also Available in Cartons of 2

Tensens Freight Mop Buckets Australia Wide - Please phone 07-54771511 or e-mail us with any questions.


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